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in Food

All Flavor No Grease

Food brings peace. Evidently so at All Flavor No Grease. Richard Garrett operates a take-out taco stand in Watts, a neighborhood synonymous with gangs. He puts his grill in the driveway of his house! He serves gang members who are rivals and at the presence of his food, the war seems to subside. Richard Garrett is a peacemaker uniting his community through food. His weapon of choice? A Grill!

All Flavor No Grease
728 E 108th Street | Los Angeles CA

in Fitness

Soul Cycle Newbie

I am taking my first Soul Cycle class in Pasadena today. I am a bit nervous. I heard horror stories from my friends: “I vomitted!”, “My legs went limp and I fell coming down the bike.”, “You’ll be sore til Christmas!”.

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in Food, In My Kitchen
Making Madeleines
May 30, 2015
in Food

All My Thanksgiving Eats

I hope your Thanksgiving was as scrumptious as mine! I spent my entire day eating delicious food that my friend Liz prepared at her farm house. Half of the food was prepared in the kitchen, the other half was ordered from top notch establishments in LA.

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